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BBQ Like a BOSS with PITMASTER Thad of the Championship BBQ Team (Boar’s Night Out)


Course Overview: Learn to BBQ Ribs, Chicken and Shoulders

BBQ LIKE A BOSS will teach you how to:
-Select (Size and Color) your meat
-Clean and trim your meat (Fat and silver skin)
-Create and use brine or injections
-Create Rubs based on your flavor profile
-Know the difference in your combustibles
(Woods – Nut bearing vs. Fruit woods)
(Charcoals – Lump vs. Brickets)


  • Contains no additives (all natural)
  • Easier temperature adjustment
  • Little ash production
  • Burns hotter
  • Lights quickly


  • Bags contain uneven pieces of charcoal that can make it hard to grill. More expensive than briquettes
  • Burns faster


  • Maintains a steady temperature for a longer period.
  • Cheaper than lump charcoal
  • Burns longer


  • Large ash production
  • Produces a chemical smell
  • Takes longer to light
  • What wood is best for creating smoke flavors you want
  • Get Pitmaster Thad’s wood of choice


  • How to prepare your meat for best results
  • Prep time for lean cuts
  • Pitmaster Thad’s keys to a good brine

Example Recipe:
-1 Gallon of water
-1 1/2 cups of salt
-1 1/2 cups of brown sugar
-4 cups of apple juice
-2 1/2 cups of whiskey or bourbon
-2 tablespoons black peppercorns (For pork add 8oz of molasses)
(If injecting, filter out peppercorns)

Mark Lamberts,
“Sweet Swine Of Mine,
“Sweet Brine Of Mine”

Barbecues Novel Nine
-Pepper (Black & White)
-Paprika (Spanish & Smoked)
-Chili powder
(Chipotle, Jalapeno, Cayenne)
-Brown sugar
-White sugar
-Herbs of your choice

4’s of BBQ Rubs

  • Learn the 4’s of BBQ
  • *Your rub is your own expression of who you are*


  • Why salting is so important
  • If you’re sensitive to salt how to start small


  • Browning, bark formation and caramelization
  • Glycemic loads and sugar sensitivity for diabetics

Spices and Herbs

  • Learn more about spices and herbs
  • How to season & flavor profiles


  • Get advanced information about savory flavors

Ribs (There are 4 main cuts of ribs:

  • Learn the different cuts of ribs
  • How to trim your meat properly
  • Tips on getting the seasoning to penetrate the bone

BBQ Chicken

  • The best ways to smoke your chicken
  • How to retain more moisture in your yard bird
  • Proper way to trim and season for success

Pork Shoulders

  • Learn the proper ways to rinse
  • How to remove fat deposits
  • Find out the best way to apply rub

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